To enhance the integration of the TV screen into the living space, ATECA designed three models in 2008 that completed the striking visual effect of Samsung TV screens.

Img2149-(2) Samsung AT320-val SAMSUNG AT330


June 2008 saw the launch of the TV stand matching the Samsung TV Crystal Gloss.

ATECA’s TV stands are recognisable for the exceptional quality of materials and surface finish. Its innovative design breaks away from usual features giving it a special touch which is the hallmark of AV furniture. The technical and aesthetic contrasts successfully unveil functionality and groundbreaking style with flair.



This TV stand was designed exclusively to match the Samsung HTX 810 sound bar system. Its dynamic flowing forms add a striking effect of seemingly lightness and highlight the indisputable beauty of the TV screen and sound bar system.



AT330 TV stand is the embodiment of the perfect fusion between the technology and design developed for the Samsung Crystal Gloss series 8, exclusively matching the Samsung TV stand and home cinema system. ATECA and Samsung worked in close collaboration to develop a genuine contemporary range.




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